My Story

The Journey Of My Life


No, I didn’t go from rags to riches in a few months.  I didn’t even have someone to coach me along the way.  I had to learn everything myself.  I had to work my butt off to accomplish my financial freedom & peace of mind.

My story is below.


Table Of Contents


1. My Background Story
2. What I Did to Finally Experience Success In My Life
3. What’s Next For Me
4. 5 Steps To Pick The Right LOA Program




To be honest, when I first started with the law of attraction, I had a relatively good paying job.  It was a job I had been at for 20 years.


The bad news was, I grew to hate it a bit more every year I was there.  The only thing that kept me there was the money.


I also grew to hate Sundays’ as I knew I had to go back to work the next day.  Anyone who has ever had a job they didn’t like will have no problem understanding my dislike of Sundays.


I did look at getting another job, but that also meant I would have to take a cut in pay, so I just put up with the one I had.  Of course, I had those friends & relatives that told me I should be thankful for the job I had.  Then they would add, “Look at all the people that don’t even have a job.” Don’t ever tell anyone that.  Trust me; it doesn’t make them feel any better. No one needs to be put on a guilt trip when they’re going through a bad time.


My dream was to have a job I loved.  A job where I wasn’t working 8-14 hours a day.  At that time, my perfect job would have been to work 4 days a week & 4 hours a day.  I also wanted to make more money than I was on the job I had.  I did think about taking one of those law-of-attraction programs, but never did.  My bad attitude at that time was, “Yea, I’m sure I’m going to get my dream job or anything else, using the law of attraction.”


6 more months went by, and I was still coming home from work, hating my job a bit more than the day before.  I was to the point of being desperate.  I was now willing to do just about anything to get out.  I had to try something.  My big question was, what?  No, I didn’t start with one of the programs from Mind Movies.  I didn’t know they existed at the time.


I started trying some Law Of Attraction programs.  I’m sure you’ve come across a few of these yourself.  The ones that lead to believe if you follow their program, everything will, more or less, fall in your lap.  Well for me, it never happened.  When I questioned them, either I didn’t get a response, or I was told to keep doing the program until I did manifest it.  After a year, nothing had changed.  I still wonder where these companies get their testimonies from.  I find it a bit hard to believe that their program helped everyone but me.


Because I hated my job so much, giving up wasn’t an option.  I wasn’t going to work there for another 20 to 25 years.  What did I do?  I wasted some more money & tried another program.  This time, I tried it for a couple of months.  I ended up with the same results.  I’m not quite sure, but I think I went through about 7 different law of attraction programs with the same results.


I  knew what my problem was.  I needed a program with step by step instructions.  I needed a mentor.  I needed a program where, if I was having problems, I could get some real help.  I needed something that wasn’t boring & didn’t take an hour a day to do.  Also, I couldn’t afford to spend any more money on a program that didn’t work.


After a couple of years of trying different programs, I came across a quiz from Natalie Ledwell.  I can’t remember exactly what it said.  It was something along the lines of, do the quiz & find out what’s blocking your wealth & success.  The only reason I did the quiz was that it was free & I had nothing better to do at the time.


The quiz I did was for the Ultimate Success Masterclass.  I attended Natalie’s seminar (also free).  I did purchase her course.  It was something I was looking for.  Step by step training. Being Mentored and what I think has helped me the most, brain entrainment.  The big bonus for me was that it didn’t take 60 minutes a day to do, and best of all, it wasn’t boring.


After a month I could see improvement.  The course itself took 3 months to complete.  While going through the program, I still had to come up with a plan on how I was going to turn my dream into reality.  My final goal would be quitting my job after 1 year of bringing home more money than I was at my present job.


To shorten my story instead of going on & on, I’ll give you my end results.  From the time I started the Ultimate Success course until I was finally able to quit the job I hated, was just about 3 years.  Actually it was only two but I kept my day job one more year, just in case things didn’t work out.


I know, you’re probably wondering what took me so long, so I’ll tell you.  I was only working towards my goal for 8 hours a week.  Don’t forget; I was working anywhere from 8 to 14 hours a day at my day job.  An extra 8 hours to work towards my goal was a lot for me.


When I got home from work on Friday, I took the rest of the night off.  I was exhausted.  Saturday & Sunday I worked 4 hours each day towards my goal.


The day did finally come when I could quit my day job.  I’ve never looked back.  Well, I do every once in a while.  It’s just to be thankful I kept going & didn’t quit and I no longer have to work there anymore.


Now, instead of working in a place that was affecting my health, I can spend the next 20 years working from home about 16 hours a week.  I can pick the days & hours I want to work.  I can take holidays anytime.  Those 3 years were more than worth it.  No, it won’t take you 3 years to hit your goal.  It all depends on the goal you have & your circumstances.




How I became Successful In Life


How did I get to where I am now?  I did a lot of research.  I read several articles on how people made money from blogging. I did learn from my past mistakes.  I found a program that was FREE to join & one that had video lessons on how to build a website & make money from it.


I only chose this company because they didn’t ask me for my credit card before enrolling in their free course.  All they asked for was my email address so they could get me started.  They even offered a free website.  The company was called, Wealthy Affiliate.  After I had enrolled, the company didn’t drive me crazy with a bunch of emails trying to get me to purchase their premium program.  That shocked me.


For once in my life, I picked the right program on the first try.  You only get 10 free lessons, which is actually enough to build a website.  After about a month, I went from my free account to premium.  I went premium because there are way more video classes & a bunch of other stuff.


I now have 3 websites.  All of them are making money.  All 3 websites together are bringing in more money than I was making working 8-14 hours a day.  Right now, my work week is around 16 hours but never more than 20.  This site is my 4th website.  I wanted to make a website on how I went from working at a job I hated to working from home & loving it.



What's Next


FIRST:  I’ve taken all 3 of the Mind Movies programs, so my next step will be to do a detailed review on each one.


Just because I like one of their programs doesn’t mean everyone will.  Some people don’t need step by step instructions, like me, so they can purchase one of the Mind Movies cheaper programs.


It’ll give you a good idea of whether or not you would enjoy one of their programs & which one would work best for you.  There’s 3 of them & they’re all different prices.


SECOND:  For all the people who would like to build a website & make extra money, I want to provide them with step by step instructions on how to do that.  For the people who don’t want a website, I would like to compose a list of other ways they can make money.


THIRD:  I’ve learned so much over the past few years.  I’d like to show people the steps I take every time I want to manifest something in my life.


FOURTH:  After I’ve accomplished the above 3 things, I’d like to teach people all the tips & tricks I’ve learned from Natalie Ledwell on how to Manifest Your Goals as quickly as possible.





1.  First, look for a guarantee.  30 days isn’t long enough.  If they don’t have, at least, a 60-day guarantee, move on.


2.  Look at the price.  If it isn’t something you can afford, there’s no point in going any further.  Don’t let any company tell you, “If you want something bad enough, you’ll find a way to come up with the money.”  Trust me; this is just a sales tactic to get you to purchase their product.  Way too many companies use this.  If you think it’s a good program, save up until you do have the money.


3.  Take a look at how much time you have to spend each day on the program.  If it’s 30 minutes a day, 7 days a week, can you fit it into your daily schedule?  If you can’t, there’s no point in setting yourself up for failure.  Move on.


4.  Take a look at the type of program it is.  What are they offering?  If you need something with step-by-step instructions, does it have that?  Do you need to be mentored?  Does the program offer that?  Make sure you pick a Law Of Attraction program that will be of benefit to you.


5.  Follow the program exactly if you want to see if it works or not.  Don’t start skipping a day here & there.  How important is it to see your life change?  It’s like everything else in life, the more you put into it, the better your results will be.  Every night, take a look at your schedule for the next day.  What could you cancel, if you had to, so you can do the work that’s required.


Thanks for reading, My Story. Now it’s time to work on Your Story.

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